SEO or organic positioning is the one that manages to place a website in a place of maximum visibility, automatically and without paying when performing a search on Google. While there are numerous points to consider to improve it, we collect the most important

1 – Keyword research

Keyword Research. It’s about choosing the best keywords for your business, so that your web page appears in the top positions for users according to a certain search.

How is this research done? There are different tools that provide us with knowledge of the key word or keywords with which you want to identify your web page: such as, for example, Google Adwords, SEMRush or KWFinder. What we have to analyze is whether these words have a high volume of searches or if they are “keyword middle and long tail” (that is, even if they have fewer monthly searches, they have less competition). It is possible to combine them, but in any case, they must be related to your business.

2- Add the main keyword to your URL

Naming URLs and the domain with a keyword helps users identify and associate your web page with what they are looking for.

3-. Optimization of SEO on-page

It is about adding the keyword or main keywords to titles or images.

4-. Linkbuilding or SEO off-page

Visits that come from other web pages that link to yours. The more “important” this page that links you, the more Google rewards you. If in addition, the link includes one of your keywords, much better.

5-. CTR and bounce rate

Google rewards the pages where users stay longer, because they understand that what they advertise in the title and its content are in greater harmony and are of higher quality.

6- Do not duplicate content

That is, do not literally copy content from other websites, and do not put the same content on different pages of your website, since Google penalizes you. There are tools like Google WebMaster Tools that will help you identify duplicate content.

7- Texts with an extension of more than 300 words

Try repeating your keywords in the intro and several times in the text body. If your website is made with WordPress, you can install the Yoast plugin, and it will tell you where to place them.

8-. Send the Sitemap of your website to Google

This will help you indicate to the main search engine which pages of your website can be tracked. Use Webmaster Tools or Google XML Sitemaps for WordPress.

9-. Be “responsive”

Adapt your web page to mobile devices. Its use has been growing for several years and exceeds that of computers.

10-. Use videos and images

And always tag them with the “Alt” attribute. Multimedia content is more attractive and users will stay longer on your website.

Our last advice is that you do not despair. Being among the top positions of Google requires your time and effort in creating content. If you need to raise positions urgently, you can use the SEM or the payment services. We will explain this methodology of online advertising in future posts.